Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Feedback from students at Longhill High School - What has been the best session and why?

Students who have been involved with the development of the game Lives At War provide feedback on the process so far.


What has been the best session and why?

I really enjoyed the session where we did video editing. It was a really good experience to learn how to cut and put together the videos.



Lighthouse sessions - they are fun as we can edit footage and add the audio which we recorded with the older people.



I enjoyed the session of testing the game and video editing. Although I'm rubbish at video editing it was interesting and fun and I enjoyed testing the game and giving it constructive criticism.



I think that the session where we looked around the air raid shelter in Whitehawk was the most fun. It was the most informative and it contained lots of interesting items from that time.



I think the creative writing session was the best.



The best session was at Lighthouse where we got to experience the game so far. This was brilliant as we got to know what we were working towards. We then did some video editing which was fun as we know that we were directly contributing to the game.


I most enjoyed the first time we went to the mass observation archive as I thought it was exciting to look through the diaries of people who were alive in the war.



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