Friday, 10 June 2011


Today the pupils and older people got together at Longhill school. The young people and older people worked together in small groups to write a letter from different points of view - as an evacuee, from a sister to her brother who's been called up and to a loved one who's away serving in the forces. All the letters were based on the characters in the game and/or the older people's personal experiences. It was a really focussed and sometimes moving exercise. The letters will be used in the game. We discussed the kind of censorship that may have taken place with some of the letter sent to men serving in the war. We recorded the older people reading the letters out and decided that we will censor some of the letters but use a voice over that reads the whole letter to show what kind of material may have been censored. One of the young people and one of the older people worked together to create a radio broadcast based on Churchill famous "we will fight them on the beaches speech. Through the process of working on these tasks many interesting conversations occurred around a variety of subjects to do with language, relationships, class/social differences etc. As well as many new interesting anecdotes - in particular Rod's story about his friend spilling gravy down the back of Churchill's neck!

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