Monday, 25 April 2011

Lives at War Beta testing

Testing the Beta version is my first glimpse at the overall world of Lives at War, this has been a fantastically rich experience. Those guys at Corporation Pop have done a great job.
Check out these screen grabs.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Images from older people

Images brought by older people to share with young people at first intergenerational session. 

Blackout windows

A photograph brought in by one of the older people to show us the way her mother used to tape up the windows to help stop them from shattering.



Bombedhousepic Watch on Posterous

Walking soldier video - a character in the 3D world. Also, pictures of the bombed house in the game. People who lived in the bombed house will have interacted with players. The game attempts to instil a sense of loss and constant threat, though showing how everyday life continued on the home front - much like how films from the period show life continuing. Diaries and oral histories will be embedded throughout the world to read and hear, with accounts by older people still alive now who lived during WW2 - some emotional recounting has been happening.  

New images of Lives at War street

The Lives at War street gets an update with Regency townhouses and a nostalgic black and white filter. We also get to see the view of the inside of the cinema. Really starting to feel it come to life. 

Inside a Lives at War house

Artefacts such as gasmasks, cases and radios will spring to life as people pass through the space, instigated by certain actions by people searching and exploring the spaces within the game. Designs by Corporation Pop. 


First images of Lives at War

Our first street, avatar and vehicle images - built for the Lives at War world.