Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Feedback from students at Longhill High School - What is special about learning along side the older people?

What is special about learning along side the older people?


I really enjoyed talking to the older people as I think it is really important to hear an oral history from them because they are the best last generation who will be able to tell the stories. I feel I really benefit from hearing their stories.



It was great talking to the older people about their experiences in the war because they all have first hand knowledge. Learning about how people lived during the war from people who were actually there, really brings the war to life.



Hearing their personal experiences and stories. It is really interesting to hear about what it was really like living during the war. It has given a new insight into the lives of older people who experienced the war.



It's really great as they are really nice, interesting people. They help us understand history upon a deeper level but make is more interesting. I don't think my understanding on our topic would be so good if they weren't there.



I enjoy learning from the older people because I like hearing about their real stories and how they lived during the war. It is so interesting because we are hearing the stories from a primary source and it seems much more believable than reading things from a book or on the internet.



Working alongside the older people gives a personal insight into the war and helps give our ideas and the game a personal spin which enables a more realistic experience.



Learning about a major historical event such as WW2 is brought to life by learning bout it first had from people  who were really there.



Yes in a positive way. Working with the elderly people has demonstrated to me how we are all connected in a continuous line of history. How the lives and experience of older people have shaped and informed our world.

I also believe history is about the collective memory of all humanity. This project has offered me a valid and important insight into the world of others who have participated in an important period of history - an invaluable insight to a world that seems so long ago.


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