Friday, 16 March 2012

Visit to Brighton...

We met at Lighthouse in Brighton with two tasks to complete. Firstly to test our collection in Historypin and secondly to take photographs for the exhibition. Our aim was to recreate the war time photographs on the streets of Brighton today. These photographs will be exhibited alongside the original war time photographs in the Past Present exhibition.

With a minimum of ten photographs to take and with only two hours to take them we split into teams and set off. I headed up to the train station with Amy-Lou and Alicia, whilst Connor, Rory, Terri-Jo and Carina made their way towards the Sealife centre and Kemptown to find the location of the bombed Odeon cinema. Max, Dean, Ruth and Louise made route to the sea to split off and take the photos of the barricaded front. We met up an hour later in the Pavilion Gardens to take the final image of the gasmasked man.

We headed back to Lighthouse and looked through the photographs taken by the students. We discussed how the location has changed, and selected the best images for print. The images the students took are totally brilliant. They put in a lot of thought about how to reenact each original photograph and paid close attention to the angle the photograph needed to be taken to reflect the original.

Here are our selected photos for print:

Now I am looking forward to the final exhibition and to see these photographs placed alongside the war time originals.

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