Friday, 2 March 2012

Mass Observation Archive visit - Lovely Betty and Ivy

On Valentines day and during the half term break the committed group from BACA met at the Mass Observation Archive to continue to research Brighton in WW2. During this three hour session the students knuckled down and gathered a rich collection of material from the archives.

Splitting into couples the students explored files containing day survey's, diary entries, newspaper cuttings, promotional material, posters and photographs of Woman at War and Life on the Home Front. 

For the second half of the session we had a visit from Betty and Ivy who both were children during WW2. The students were lucky enough to chat with the older people and ask questions about their experiences. Betty and Ivy both lived in Brighton during the war and had many stories to share. Promoted by the questions from the students and the research that was selected we had a very rich and interesting Q&A session.

Here are a few photographs of the material selected from the Mass Observation Archive:

Terri-Jo and Carina looked at the WAFFs and the WRENS

Louise and Ruth looked at the Air Raid Precautions

 Max and Dean looked at the Home guards

Amy-Lou and Alicia looked at the Land Army and evacuation

Ruth and Louise looked at the ATS


Connor an Rory looked at the Home guards

Thanks so much to all the staff at the Mass Observation Archive and also to Betty and Ivy for begin so generous with their time.


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