Thursday, 17 February 2011

Day 2 - Avatars and Oral History

Day 2: 17/02/11

Venue: Longhill High School

The aim of the today was to introduce the pupils to the overall aim of the project and to discuss expectations (theirs and mine). Through creating mind maps the participants explored and shared what they knew about WW2 already in preparation for meeting the older people later that morning. They were all really excited about hearing first hand experiences of WW2 (so the older people don’t need to worry about interest!). They also prepared some questions to ask the older people. When the older people arrived we all had tea and introduced ourselves. I introduced the “Memory Box” – a red index card holder which contains blank index cards – as a group exercise we all wrote down memories - the young people could write anything – the older people had to write down an image related to a memory of WW2. After everyone had written their memory down we swapped cards and read each other’s out. This was followed by the young people interviewing the older people and recording some oral histories. In the afternoon the pupils worked on developing character ideas – thinking about clothing, names and jobs/roles etc for the avatars provided by Corporation Pop using collage and text. (see images)

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