Monday, 14 February 2011

Day 1 - Tea and Cake

Day 1: 14/02/11

Venue: Lighthouse

Today I met the fantastic group of older people involved in Past/Present for the first time to introduce the project. This involved drinking tea, eating cake, looking at some of the archive footage and talking about our expectations or concerns about the project before meeting the young people on thursday. The older people were all very interested in knowing more about the young people they are going to meet on Thursday and some of them had concerns about whether they would be interested. We looked at some of the archive footage and I wished I started recording – some really interesting anecdotes coming out already. Also showed them some of the images created by Corporation Pop and already they've contributed some interesting thoughts - when shown the images of the street and car many of them commented on how you would have had to have been pretty well off to have such a car - Rod told a story about car spotting with a friend - sitting by the roadside waiting to see a car - he would wait for hours to see one.


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